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The days of paying large fixed annual fees for maintenance contracts are long gone.
Most computers and peripherals are now considered to be disposable items and being tied into an expensive maintenance contract to keep old equipment up and running is an uneconomical concept.

Based on the principle of saving our clients money, a flexible agreement offers the peace of mind of guaranteed response times, telephone technical support, all for a low fixed monthly fee based on the number of workstations/NAS devices being covered.

It has the advantage of not tying a client into a complicated and expensive contract, although no hardware is covered in the agreement. If a hardware failure happens, we will recommend replacement or repair, depending on the situation. Often, it is cheaper to simply replace old, faulty computer equipment than it is to spend engineer’s time trying to repair it. As a result, costs that would otherwise have been tied up in a hardware maintenance contract can be used to continually upgrade systems as they fail.

Prevention is Better Than Cure
For companies who do not have a dedicated IT Manager, we also offer pre-arranged general maintenance visits. For example; a two-hour or half day monthly or quarterly visit will aid with diagnosing and resolving day-to-day problems. During the visit we could also carry out essential checks such as ensuring your backup is working correctly or inspect your UPS to make sure it will work when you most need it.

These visits are essential for companies who need their IT equipment to run effectively. During these visits we will also discuss any problems or issues that we may foresee and help you plan to avoid them.